Thalia Sodi

April 10, 2011

No comment, because I’m beautiful already! 😛

But another thing, she’s beautiful too.. 🙁

No one can replace her as a “Queen of Soap Operas”

She is other than, Thalia Sodi… 🙂


Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (born August 26, 1971), known simply by the mononym Thalía, is a Mexican singer and actress. Her name is linked to soap operas which were the key to her international superstardom. Her soap operas have been watched by over two billion people in 180 countries. For this reason, she is considered as “the queen of soap operas”.


I love Thalia so much! I usually watched her TELENOVELAS  here in our place, such as Rosalinda, Maria la del Barrio, and  Marimar. Gosh, it was almost TOP RATED you know! :), can’t stop listening to her songs.. so nice to hear that. 😛

I hope she can visit here again in the Philippines!

So long time ago, and I was only a child that she visited here in our country. hehehe.. 🙂


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