Goldenstate College

Demand for technical skills by the economic sector was growing. GOLDENSTATE INSTITUTE, aggressive to respond to this need, offered short term industrial courses.

When it opened, the institution was manned by only seven administrative officials, twenty nine instructors and 160 students. Five years after, the administrative staff and instructors increased to forty eight whose efforts and expertise are dedicated to meet the needs of the increasing student population.

In the year 1997, GOLDENSATE INSTITUTE occupies two building spaces which provide as venues for academic training and specific practicum and classroom instructions. The institution started its operation with only 7 vocational courses and 5 non-formal courses. The same courses are offered with two more additional courses: Computer Secretarial and Architectural Drafting.

With the increasing demand for supply of technically-skilled men and women here and abroad, GOLDENSTATE continues to upgraded and enhance its training program proficiency in order to produce graduates who can be productive and efficient in the professional world. This, along with fulfilling its educational mission in nation building, is the guiding philosophy of GOLDENSTATE INSTITUTE as it’s envisions a society where constituents live fruitfully and productively within the context of an economically productive society.In the year 2001, the Board of

Trustees decided to change its organization’s name from GOLDENSTATE INSTITUTE, INC to GOLDENSTATE COLLEGE, INC and applied degree courses from the Commission of Higher Education and fortunately granted permit to operate Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor of Science Commerce major in Business Management.

At present, 2006, GOLDENSTATE COLLEGE was fortunately granted permit to operate Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Recognition # 013(4) BSHRM – 1 – IV and Government Recognition #012(4) BS Tourism – I – IV.

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  • 2 Year Nursing Aide
  • 2 Year Office Management
  • 2 Year Electronics Technology
  • 2 Year Architectural Drafting
  • 2 Year Pharmacy Aide
  • 2 Year Computer Secretarial
  • 2 Year Electrical Technology
  • 2 Year Automotive Technology
  • 2 Year Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • 2 Year Midwifefery Course


  • B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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