STI College of GenSan

STI College is an information technology-based education system in the Philippines. This private college system offers a curriculum including business studies, computer science, education, engineering and health care.

STI uses a trimestral calendar as opposed to the typical semestral collegiate education program mostly used by Philippine universities.

STI has branches all over the Philippines and claims to be the second largest IT-based educational institution in Asia.

STI Logo


Courses Offered:

  • Master in Information Technology (MIT)[4]
  • BS in Computer Science (BSCS)[5]
  • BS in Information Technology (BSIT)[6]
  • BS in Computer Engineering (BSCOE)[7]
  • BS in Business Management (BSBM)[8]
  • BS in Business Administration (BSBA)[9]
  • BS in Office Administration (BSOA)[10]
  • BS in Nursing (BSN)[11]
  • BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management (BSHRM)[12]
  • BS in Tourism Management (BSTM)[13]
  • BS in Travel Management (BSTRM)[14]

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