November 23, 2012

Since last semestral break, I decided to play an Otome games to killed my boredom . I actually played the NTT Solmare  SERIES games called Shall We Date? – Ninja Love , KONKATSU for Marriage and Heian Love  and I was not able to get some proper sleep because of this ADDICTING games ever! And for this month, I’m currently playing the Voltage, Inc. Otome games such as; My Forged Wedding, In your Arms Tonight, and Seduced in the Sleepless City. But, I think the My Sweet Bodyguard game was not yet available in the Itunes store? *correct me if I’m wrong. Honestly speaking, I don’t want the GREE thingy cuz most of the time, I’m RUNNING out of LOVE PASS. . sheeezzz! 😛  :))

*FAN-GIRL-MODE *giggles

Here some of the games that I had played before until now:



Shall we date?: Ninja Love (NTT Solmare)

Over View

Start an exciting journey with handsome Ninjas! You will fall in love with them and become their sweetheart. (What do you think?) 😀


Shall we date?: “KONKATSU”for marriage (NTT Solmare)


Join“KONKATSU(Husband Hunting)”events! Don’t miss a chance to meet your future husband. 🙂



Shall we date?: Heian Love (NTT Solmare)


A mysterious guy sent you love poems.
Searching him in an Emperor Castle, you can’t stop falling in love with attractive guys around you.



My Forged Wedding (Voltage, Inc.)


“For just one month… please, pretend that we’re married.”

A sudden proposal to enter a fake marriage. Pretending to be newlyweds started out as a dreadful task, but as you spend each day together, you slowly become drawn to his charm. Will what started as a lie turn out to be true love?



Seduced in the Sleepless City


You are an editor at a women’s magazine covering the opening party of a casino in Roppongi, the nightlife district of Tokyo. There you meet a famous actor, bestselling novelist, cha
rismatic plastic surgeon, and a top F1 racer.

Your personal interview is arranged in the VIP room…

A totally gorgeous—and slightly dangerous—love is waiting!


In your Arms Tonight (Voltage, Inc.)


Is there a love for which you would do anything to see it come true – even if it means throwing everything away?

It’s your third month of marriage. You were supposed to have reached the height of happiness at home and at work, but this happiness crumbles when you witness your new husband engaged in an affair! In this state, gentle encouragement comes from the man you least expected…

“If I had the chance, I could make you happy…”
What will you do, as you find that you can’t break your hand away from his…?




Com’on! Still HOPING that the other games will be like this! I mean, not in the Gree thingy! :((( *CRIES


Lastly, I’ll be posting some walkthrough! So, stay tuned!! 🙂




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