My Forged Wedding – Yamato Kougami Main Story Walkthrough

July 20, 2013

Heya guys! Long time no posting here in my Otome Games Category! HAHA :D, so what I had said many many years? months? or what? I’ll be posting some walkthrough! Today, I played this game called My Forged Wedding.. Before I will start, let’s begin it with an overview of the game..


“For just one month… please, pretend that we’re married.”

A sudden proposal to enter a fake marriage. Pretending to be newlyweds started out as a dreadful task, but as you spend each day together, you slowly become drawn to his charm. Will what started as a lie turn out to be true love?

If you do find yourself stuck, the following are all the  answers that will lead you to the Super Happy End! Hope so? But, just try! PS: IF YOU DO FIND YOURSELF STUCK, OK? 😛 XD
Yamato_Story1: His attitude

Yamato_Story1: His attitude

Yamato_Story5: Pretending to be a married couple

Yamato_Story5: Pretending to be a married couple



Yamato_Story10: Stay this a way for a little while more

Yamato_Story10: Stay this a way for a little while more

Yamato_Story12: How hot is your kiss?

Yamato_Story12: How hot is your kiss?

Yamato_SuperHappyEnd: A life that's sweet

Yamato_SuperHappyEnd: A life that’s sweet

Chapter One

* I want to see it too.

* Pout.

Chapter Two

* Do what you want to do.

* I guess so.

Chapter Three

* You can’t.

* My mom.

Chapter Four (only one)

* Deny it.

Chapter Five

* No.

* You’re like a dad.

Chapter Six

* I made the decision.

* Yamato is the baby.

Chapter Seven

* Tell Yamato.

* I was looking at you.

Chapter Eight

* Do you want to feed me?

* Declare, I won’t answer.

Chapter Nine

* Take the blame.

* Remain silent

Chapter Ten

* I’d ask Yamato.

* You already know.

Chapter Eleven

* There’s only one in the world.

* Kiss him.

Chapter Twelve

* Not really.

* That’s difficult.

Chapter Thirteen

* That would have been better.

* You don’t have to answer.

Chapter Fourteen

* This isn’t touching!

* Refuse

Chapter Fifteen

Super Happy End! :D

Super Happy End! 😀

Next will be Yamato Kougami Epilogue.. 😀


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