Witch Spell Walkthrough

November 22, 2013

Alright guys, I just finished this game TODAY. Hahaha. The game entitled Witch Spell from VISUALNOVELS.NL. The game’s concept gave me an ideas for a new story that I’m planning to write AGAIN and give it a try to make a game of it.. HAHA I hope so. (Just remembering my first ever fiction story – PERHAPS LOVE. LOL) .*fingers crossed

Although it is quite short. I’m sure you gonna love, like or whatever feelings you have. 😛

Witch Spell

Witch Spell


A short and lovely visual novel. Can Akari find love?

Once upon a time. A girl named Akari is happy because she discovers the ultimate supersonic hypersonic raspberry love spell. But as she tries o charm her crush Jin Mitsuki with magic rituals. she encounters series of unfortunate events. Can she still find her “happy ever after”?

“Just like other girls my age, I fell in love unexpectedly…to the wrong guy, at the wrong time.. And in the wrong situation.. Sometimes, a girl’s heart cannot be easily understood. If I could only teach myself who I am going to love.. If I only had some magic powers to make him fall in love with me.. Because right now, I really don’t know what to do.”

(I think I can relate to the quoted words above. LOL!) nvm.

Okhay, just like any other OTOME games.. you have to choose from the choices and it will affect the outcome of the story. 😀

I ended up becoming boyfriend of Jin.. so here’s my walkthrough:

  • Why do you want to know anyway?
  • Oh, I don’t have an umbrella!
  • Where to buy raspberry syrup?
  • ! I will never forgive the dull head!
  • I might… Yes.

OYEAH! That’s it! Too short ayt? But I loved it! <3

Here’s some of my sample screenshots taken from my smartphone.









Happy ever after with Jin :)

Happy ever after with Jin 🙂

Take note! Witch Spell is free to download in your Play store. I don’t know if it’s available now in iTunes store.. so you better check it out!

Till my next walkthrough! :*


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