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Nanay Bebeng Restaurant

February 24, 2014


Hola guys! It’s good to be back since I’ve been so busy from my school works, and I have my limited time to do blogging or to attend some of the events. 🙂 so I’m making sure that I can make it up again! I hope so!

Yesterday the SOXBloggers were invited to taste/rediscovered their specialties before lunch. At the same time, feeling over  excited to meet my co-bloggers again. Chos! >:D

Of course, before the food photos, let’s have a recall of their brief history on when, and how Nanay Bebeng started all over the years..

Outside the Nanay Bebeng Resto. ( LOL my face!)

Outside the Nanay Bebeng Resto. ( LOL my face!)


Kuya cooked some BBQ, hell yeah!



Inside the Resto.

Inside the Resto.

.The Baker’s Daughter.

It’s all started in Naic, Cavite. Bebeng’s father, Estevan Yuvienco was a Spanish-Chinese mestizo whom Bebeng recalls as a very handsome man who dressed impeccably and ate meticulously. He opened a bakery in Naic and had other businesses that required frequently trips to Manila and its environs.

The Chinese in her father was the reason why Bebeng was raised in a panaderya as her home with strict observations of a China man’s work ethic.

She woke up everyday at four o’clock while her brothers and sisters were still asleep to prepare her chores. Before leaving for school she distributed the bags of  pan de sal and biscocho to their agents who plied them in the streets of Naic.

When they returned from the day’s hawking. Bebeng would inventory the sale from each vendor after which she would carefully roll the money into carsuchos for safe-keeping. Finally, she made the bags for the next day’s  vending. Only then would she be able to play and have time for herself.

The restaurant was a canteen for the UP Press in Padre Fauna during this time and the new work enabled Bebeng to finish  high school at the Union High School in Manila. The lamens the fact that she has no college education.

Mr. Garcia was a U.P. student at that time and a frequent customer at the U.P. Press canteen where Bebeng worked. He was also the son of the governor of Zambales.

An uncle of Delfin was insistent and persistent matchmaker. Before long, Delfin was aggressively courting her. He became a regular guest at every town fiesta in Naic. The two were married when Bebeng was 20 and he, 21 years of age. Bebeng described her late husband as very handsome, thoughtful, devoted to their family and very well educated.

When the war broke out, the Garcia’s moved in with the Angeles’ and were cared for by Mrs. ANgeles who was like a mother to Bebeng’s young family. Under the Japanese occupation, the Garcia’s and the Angeles’ were relocated to the Davao Penal Colony along with the other Davaweños.

Bebeng’s faily was given a small house with a garden, a privilege which was given to Delfin as a government employee. Here, another child, Gloria was born to Bebeng and Delfin.

Nearing liberation by the Amerians, Bebeng’s family moved to Panabo at the Arrieta Fish Farm. Here Bebeng put her early training in business to good use.

Since salt was very rare and covered commodity in te upland, husband and wife together with their oldest daughter Ellen who was only seven years old at that time would walk move than three hours across rice fields to sell salt. Salt was sold, actually bartered forr rice, corn, sugarcane, and tobacco. When they ran out of salt they brought Delfin’s clothes and family blankets to exchange them for crops.

In 1971, Bebeng and Delfin were gifted with place tickets to the United States by her generous daughter Ellen. While on a 3 month vacation, Delfin suffered stroke and died one month later. Bebeng took her husband’s body home to Davao to be buried.

After she was widowed Bebeng first talked of selling kakanin in the market but her daughter Linda instead, convinced her to open a baker. Thus Bebeng rented a vacant lot belonging to the Tongson family and  built a small bakery on this lot. This was the first Gingerbread bakeshop.

Then in 1996, Bebeng ventured into the restaurant business. The idea of Nanay Bebeng restaurant was her son’s, Sonny the management had been the work of daughter Linda.


Nanay Bebeng

Phew, that’s it! Sorry I don’t have a clearer copy of the photo above. I just grabbed it from ate Dimple (Dimple Dulay) 🙂 CREDITS TO HER of course!

So, we are freely to choose which food that we want. I ordered a Pork Adobo (my favorite all the time!), Guso Salad (seaweeds), Macaroni Salad, and a Mirinda drink. Nomnomnom.

The foods may vary in their prices, but its affordable enough! 🙂

Guso, Macaroni, Pork Adobo, Mirinda drink and a  rice.

Guso, Macaroni, Pork Adobo, Mirinda drink and a rice.

(c) Avel Manansala

(c) Avel Manansala

Oh, here some of the photos from  Kuya Avel.. hehe I just grabbed it tho! CREDITS TO HIM! 🙂

You may visit them at 3rd floor, KCC Mall of GenSan and at Foodcourt, Gaisano Mall of GenSan for more inquiries! They also have their Facebook page. Check it out! 😀


til next time!


-Tinay 🙂

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