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FoodTrip 101 – Mandarin Tea Garden

February 23, 2015

Heya folks! It’s been a long time to blog any foods here. Lol . I will not promise you to post frequently it is because of my school stuffs. Heck, we are working for our Software Engineering Requirements which is due on next month and definitely working hard on it because you know the “road to thesis” feeling.. 🙂

So for now, I’ll post a foodie called BBQ Porkchip from Mandarin Tea Garden.. So here it goes!

BBQ porkchop

BBQ porkchop

The good thing here is that , you can avail a free sabaw from ’em~ isn’t amazing!? >:D

Free sabaw . Oyeah!

Free sabaw . Oyeah!

Oh, guys, I want you to meet my MOST FAVORITE SEAFOOD Roll evah! Gawd. so delicious! Whenever we dine at Mandarin, I’ll order this right away. The funny thing is, the waiter will know that I will order a seafood roll! Ex:”Mam, how about a seafood roll?” if in case I forgot to mention it. Haha

Seafood Rolls!

Seafood Rolls!

Of course, a bowl of rice will definitely complete our set of meals! With Calamansi or an Ice tea. (Fact that I stopped drinking some soft drinks/soda.) 🙂


  • 1 Plain rice = 25.00php
  • BBQ Porkchop = 160.00php
  • Seafood Roll = 83.00php
  • Ice Tea = 42.00php
  • Calamansi Juice = 46.00php
  • Free Soup = N/A

Total price : 406.00php


till next time. 🙂

-tinay – xo

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