Linda Brown: Interactive Story

Hi everyone!

Finally, after so many years of waiting – I am back from my mobile gaming.

So, I’m searching a game recently to kill my boredom after I work or should I say to stress-free myself. LOL

It took my attention to this game – Linda Brown: Interactive Story. The game itself is explainable; it is an interactive game where you choose your best decision or answer that may affect your story or the ending throughout the game.

If you love SIMULATION or INTERACTIVE or ROLE-PLAYING GAMES, this must be for you!


  • You can replay the episodes for FREE and choose different answers
  • Nice graphics
  • Great sounds fx
  • Very addictive 😉


  • Two cards are not enough, maybe adding one is much better (for me. hehehe)
  • Diamonds
  • Took time to replenish the tickets
  • Don’t want to spend bucks just for the Diamonds to get the best answers LOLOLOL
  • Each time the story progress, the ‘best answers’ with diamonds are getting bigger

The video below are my own choices and no backtracking or reviewing of other answers. Feel free to follow my options, or you can decide on your own. 🙂

The playlist will be served as all episodes of Linda Brown Game ( IN PROGRESS)

–Stay tuned for more episodes!–

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