Just a random things #1

February 10, 2018

How’s your 2018 been so far? Me – yeah at the same time nah. Nah, because this is my first entry for the year 2018!!! *cries in the corner

I haven’t been updated my blog since my recent time/schedule does not sync with my daily activities unlike before. Having a night shift is no joke btw.

Anyhow, someone close to me asked, how do I cope up my stress? Tbh, I am a kind of person when the stressful event kicks in, I will eat like pig. HAHAHA for short stress eating. Well, the result is fascinating that I really gained weight since I stop working out last October. :/

I am a kind of person who writes or takes down some notes or random writing, I am a kind of person who stares blank throughout the day with my dog beside me. (LOL)

My most favorite part when my mind is really full of stressful thoughts – I usually play video games for the whole day and eat in between while playing. It keeps my stress away and somehow those thoughts suddenly evaporated. I really love playing games which keep my mind active (solving problems, riddle, puzzles, etc.) or even play with my friends through online! #PUBG

When there’s a plenty of time, I go travel or be with someone whose dearly to me and we go watch a movie, eat outside OR even talk to someone who can I share with.


How about you? How do you cope up your stress? Let me know yours. 🙂

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