My Freeletics Journey

My Freeletics Diary # 1

February 11, 2018

Sup guys!

Today, I am officially back on track. I really need to discipline myself to lose weight or tone some of my fats to muscles. I hate to say this – I reached 63kgs from 55kgs many years back and I feel some strange feelings or consequences of the results of having too much eating, stress or sleepless routine of myself. I will jot down here my pains below:

  • A backache (since I have mild thoracic dextroscoliosis), I suspect that my gaining weight is the main culprit here. My body needs a balance to maintain my posture.
  • Those people who thought of me that I’m preggy (like fk) HAHAHA cuz of my bloating/bulging belly..? Maybe I’m preggy with burgers, pizzas, fries + ice cream + chips + soft drinks *rolls eyes
  • My best friend pimples are everywhere………..
  • Struggling to climb upstairs. Waaah
  • My emotional state: sakit besh if somebody says to you, lalo na yung medyo matagal2x na kayo hindi nagkikita – “oh you look fat”, “what happened to you!? Baboy na kayka.” that keeps my self-confidence or my self-esteem low. Well, except for some people. 🙂
  • etc

How can you say no to these babies….??

Anyhow, I started doing Freeletics way back 2 or 3 years ago and I am so happy with the results. Unfortunately, whenever the ‘BER’ months up to the month of January come, festivities are just around the corner. Like, birthdays, anniversary, fiestas, Noche Buena, family gatherings and many to mention. So, the tendency is… cheat days here, there and everywhere while I’m not sticking out to my workout plan. *cries

Then, after the festivities or the super-duper long break. You need to get back shape right? So when I got back… I just keep on complaining > reset the coach > and not doing the exercises well. Well, the end is.. my Freeletics subscription that costs 3k+ put into waste.  BTW, the first time I do this, I reached to ‘Hell Week’ like around Week 5-7 then *sends sparkling stars* gone. 🙂

Fast forward – I subscribed again for the second and third time and I only lasted Week 3 like what the fudge!? HAHAHA. The reason I stopped is that I have been traveling and going to events or conventions, my work is night until dawn and the result is my body gave up. I didn’t take enough rest and I felt like I was abusing my body. 🙁

Currently, I am doing it again. I hope I can do this, and I hope you too!

Just a piece of advice, health always comes first. Give yourself some time to adapt. 🙂

Till next post,

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