My Freeletics Journey

My Freeletics Diary # 2

February 14, 2018

Hi, again guys!

First of all, I just wanted to greet you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter if you are single, in a relationship, broken-hearted or whatever as long as you can express your love to your loved ones! Not just this day but also every day! Don’t forget to thank them in every way, either it’s a big or small thing! <3

Btw, I started my Day 1 last Monday, and I was so happy about it! But before that, I am so nervous because I thought I might renew my Freeletics Subscription again or even worse is to ‘Redo the Assessment’ thing and they don;t have the ‘RESET COACH’ option before! I am wrong guys! I can reset and START OVER my Freeletics like as in 0 as in from scratch! Just click the ‘RESET COACH’ and voila! Unlike before, whenever I Redo Athlete Assessment let’s assume that your Week says 3 then when you click the Redo Assessment your week will be restarted BUT your routine might be still the same and it is tough to start or to adapt with because of a very long hiatus. *just correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s how I felt! 🙂

I will upload here some of the screencaps below;

The screenshot above is my last time working out my routine after my body gave up from adjusting my work time (night shift) and personal time (flying, going to conventions, events and such) AND food festivities!!!! The result was my body gave up though! :/

For you to Reset your Coach…

Go to you ‘Coach’ tab and select ‘RESET COACH’ and you’re good to go!

After that, compile the necessary information needed, check screencap below;

After compiling up, Rank your top 3 goals – Here are your choices;

  • Gain Strenght
  • Improve Endurance
  • Lose Weight
  • Relieve stress
  • General Fitness

After ranking your BEST top 3 goals. Choose your availability, like how many days per week are you willing to train with your Coach. 2 days? 3 days? 4 days? or 5 days?


Then, they will process your personalized fitness test according to your answers, so be honest! 🙂

After a minute or so you will go under their Fitness Test, this will be your basis for your Individualized Coach training, and it will be adapted to you and your goals. DON’T RUSH ANYTHING! GIVE YOUR BODY SOME TIME TO ADAPT, AND YOU’RE GOOD.

The screencap below shows my next week routine / this week since I started already.

My recommended focus is Cardio & Strength. Fortunately, you can choose either of the following too (if you wish you don’t want to follow the recommended focus); Cardio, Cardio & Strength and Strength.

So, here’s my current Statistics and as I move forward, this will make progress too. Sadly, I forgot to screencap my previous  Statistics. 🙁

You can download Bodyweight from App Store and Play Store;


I think this is all for now!

Happy training!


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