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My Freeletics Diary # 3 – DONE WITH WEEK 1

February 19, 2018

Sup guys!

Yehey! So happy that I accomplished with my Week 1!! What a great start for me! 🙂

Though, marami pang pagdaanan, still I’m holding my grip to achieve my goals. Hehe

So, my reflection for my first week is…. although very tough at first but as you progress, your body will crave for it or hanap-hanapin ng katawan mo!

As for my food – I don’t restrict my body from eating everything. As long as I burn or sweat it out, then I’m good! BUT, I restrict myself from drinking SODA/SOFTDRINKS (or related) because this is the number one culprit of gaining your weight. I am trying though to avoid these drinks… and I did it for the first week! Hahaha 🙂

Question: Do you see any changes in your body?

Answer: No not yet, but I do feel energetic, I don’t feel sleepy unlike before, I don’t feel grumpy (LOL).

Before I forgot after you finish your Week 1. Your coach evaluated your progress and you can change your ‘Focus’ for the next week, your number of training and etc.

You can also enable and disable the Sprints & Runs too! *I disabled the Sprints & Runs though. (see screencap above)

Final thoughts?

Week 1 is very a tough one, pero wag mo isipin yun. During that week, I feel helpless, I want to cry but whenever I’m done, I just feel accomplished something, and thankful that I did it.

Some of the exercises are hard at first but don’t force yourself or your body to do it baka ma bigla. Or if you think you can do it, there are alternative ways to do it. For e.g Pushups, if you think you can’t do it.. you can do its alternative which is the Knee Pushups. But I encourage you to try it SLOWLY, and PRACTICE it! Just don’t mind the TIME. In short, no pain, no gain!

Oh, don’t forget to REWARD yourself too. I think this is all for now! I’m ready for my Week 2! 😉


Happy Monday, folks!

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