My Freeletics Journey

My Freeletics Diary # 4 – DONE WITH WEEK 2 & 3

March 10, 2018

Hi guys!

Good morning!!!

Since today is Saturday, and not yet sleepy (4:20 am) AND feeling irritated/frustrated for the whole week. Haha, I would like to share my progress for the week 2 and 3. 😉

As I progress throughout my journey to week 2 — Somehow, I find differences from my appearance (though not yet on my weight) as it is started to tone down some of my ‘baby fats’ hahaha.. I can’t really see it from myself but others can spot or know it.

I like it how my body is not easily exhausted na from climbing the stairs.. for my food – I am still eating what I want, I DON’T UNDERGO STRICT DIET or STARVATION.. just NO sodas or soft drinks. I only drink juices, and more preferably water.

Here’s a photo of mine during the 2nd week. Before I do Freeletics, that hip side is bulging like overflowing of baby fats and the shirt that I wore is super fit. Kung baga para akong budbud or suman lalo na’t naka upo. HAHAHA. But tadaaah!


But, I didn’t stop it there, on that week also my monthly visitor came and I was like.. what now? Oh, at the same time I’m super happy because the answer is finally answered….


I continue to do my workout without any hindrances from my monthly visitor. I felt like more energized as I perform the routines. 🙂

Now, for Week 3.. yung feeling na you crave it for more.  It feels like addicting to me already and I really love it whenever I finished the day. I feel so accomplished. 😉

As I weigh myself first time in the morning, before doing Freeletics my weight is 65kg. (YEAH 65 KG) and dropped down to 61.4 kg (no food or liquid intake or before breakfast) – that’s a big difference, right?

I don’t usually weigh myself every end of the week because I just want it to surprise myself and ayoko syang bantayin. Baka mapapagana na naman ako neto sa pagkain. 🙂

Did you know that you can toggle or untoggle the Equipment? It is a major plus for me because mainly I don’t have exercise equipment and don’t have enough spaces. See screencap below:


But, I am planning to have Pullup bars for the strengthening of my back. 🙂

I think this is, for now, it’s 3:22 PM now, I fell asleep as I about to finish this write up earlier. LOL

PS PS PS: Summer is finally here.. and it is super HOT like its drastically draining! So don’t forget to drink lots of water and stay hydrated!!!

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