Let’s make this less formal.

My name is Christine.

I was born on October 1

I’m the second eldest of 3. Grew up in General Santos City, Philippines.

Studied in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and took up Information Technology, went to Notre Dame of Siena-College of General Santos City formerly Notre Dame of General Santos City for grade school and high school.

During her spare time, she usually plays a game in Steam, Uplay or either in Origin. She loves to collect and buy games which interest her and an achievement seeker. Lol 😀

Most of the favorite genre of games are Stealth, Action, Horror-Adventure and Simulation games.

*you can hit me up for some coop/mp games guys! >:D


I have a dog named Pinky along with Thunder, Wangdu, Star, Creamo, Casper & Rio. Rio is a white cat with strange blue and green/yellow eyes

Started eating vegetables except for “Ampalaya” /bitter gourd & Okra 4 years ago

Hooked up with The Walking Dead TV Series

Much love,