My First Blog – eBusiness Week 2009

Nah! I joined this contest last 2009, this contest is all about “GENSAN: THE NEXT ICT DESTINATION” the so-called event was held at Robinsons Mall here in General Santos City. So, here’s my contests ENTRY:

General Santos City has the potential for ICT destination because of the presence of modern and digital communication offered by major telecommunication companies. The availability of internet serves also as major key to be top of the domestic and international businesses. The presence of tertiary schools in the city offering IT courses will draw vast potentials from among IT students to become programmers, IT consultants, web developers/designers, animators, computer technicians, call center operators. These young IT students are a great source of manpower in the operation of ICT hub. The presence of modern economic infrastructure support facilities like: fishport, airport, and wharf, provides additional boost for local and international businesses to establish their operational hub in the city.Likewise, the geographical location of the city which is a typhoon-free area and is near to neighboring countries like: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Palau, is another advantage when it comes to ICT business. Moreover, the use of online booking, automated inventory and other software products helps business boost their income and production.The cost of living is also a quite reasonable compared to other highly-urbanized cities. All these positive attributes are grounds for General Santos City to become the next ICT destination.