Smart Habits to Help You Manage PMS Symptoms

December 20, 2018

Red dot, Aunt Flo, code red, and girl flu– these are just some of the many names we call menstruation. And why, whoever mentioned that having a period is such a pain, we’re with you.

While there’s no single cause of PMS and it’s a combination of many different factors from a low level of the hormone serotonin, thyroid dysfunction, poor or imbalanced nutrition, stress, environmental pollution, and lack of sleep, it’s a condition that reveals an imbalance in the body.  

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or (PMS) occurs during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, a naturally occurring period immediately after an egg is released from the ovary and lasts from day 14 through day 28 of a normal menstrual cycle. While this is the duration where terrible mood swings, irritability, bloating, and other hosts of unpleasant physical manifestations happens, there are ways to manage PMS and making it less disruptive with good healthy habits as the beginning.

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·              Eat leafy greens and fruits. Go for the red, orange, greens and yellows! These add vitamins and minerals into your diet and this is exactly what your body needs. Take a little bit of the bad stuff and take good food in.

·              Water is crucial. If you are not a fan of water, flavored water will do but keep it natural. Lemons, limes, and cucumber slices are great. It reduces bloating and aids in digestion.

·              Calcium helps. Yogurt, milk, soy products, and low-fat cheese are all rich in calcium and can reduce PMS symptoms.

·              You need Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a natural supplement that boosts the immune system helping you to fight the pain. It’s naturally found in foods like sardines, oysters, and salmon.

Jeunesse Anion– A happy dispition and active lifestyle help to manage PMS

·              Have nuts or go nuts! Skip the chips and snack on unsalted nuts instead. Nuts make you feel full for a longer time decreasing your need to eat more within the day. This makes you feel less bloated.

·              Complex carbs stabilized your mood. Mood swings hurt relationships and you can definitely manage your mood swings to make you feel relaxed and in control. It also manages your cravings (and as you know, cravings make us go crazy too!). Try sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, lentils, potatoes, and unprocessed oats.

·              Take iron to fight anemia. You lose blood every month and you need to replenish that to avoid anemia. Lean, red meat is rich in iron. Just be sure to cut away the fat before cooking.


·              Go for a walk. Walking is a low-intensity exercise that uses your extra energy without making you exhausted and prompts you to breathe in more air, refreshing your body system. No wonder people like walking when they want to think. Walking is not tiring, it is actually relaxing!

Jeunesse Anion — Exercise should be part of your routine during your period

·              Yoga and stretching help! Make yoga your relief therapy and you’ll be surprised with how calm and relaxed you will be. Some say it’s nice to just be lazy on your red days but if you’re feeling bloated, being stagnant won’t help. You have to do the flow to improve your body’s blood circulation because yoga is incredibly soothing for cramps and hormone-induced moodiness.

Manage Stress

·              We need a little help from our friends. Friends always make us feel better and having them around when your PMSing offers a little comfort. Do activities together even if it’s as simple as watching a movie or playing game boards.

·              Hang out with your special someone. Our reproductive years last about 2.5 decades of our life. It is important to share with him how you feel when you have your period for him to better understand you. By explaining what you feel and how you feel (even if the mood swings and sudden meltdowns are hard to explain), he’ll be able to at least help you by listening and performing some easy tasks.

Jeunesse Anion — Stress management is vital during PMS.

·              Write a journal and take time to enjoy activities that you enjoy. And while you’re at it, calendar your period so you know when to expect to have PMS again.

While it may seem that you’ll need medication in order to make PMS a whole lot easier for you, remember that balancing of hormones might be more effective instead of psychoactive drugs. Incorrect treatment leads to frustration and distress – both of which can be avoided by playing it right.  

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