About Christine



Let’s make this less formal.

My site is an extension of myself, it’s like my open-diary, where I want to share my life with you in the most realistic way possible. You won’t find perfection here, ok? 🙂

My name is Christine.

Born on October 1. Grew up in General Santos City, Philippines.

Studied in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and took up Information Technology, went to Notre Dame of Siena-College of General Santos City formerly Notre Dame of General Santos City for grade school and high school.

I love to travel, really. It keeps my mind occupied with good memories that can be nourished forever.

During my spare time, I usually play a game in Steam, Uplay, Origin and PS4. I love to collect and buy games that interest me and an achievement seeker. Lol 😀

Most of my favorite genres of games are Stealth, Action, Horror-Adventure, and Simulation games.

*you can hit me up for some coop/mp games guys! >:D


I have a dog named Pinky along with Thunder, Wangdu, Star, Creamo, Casper & Rio. Rio is a white cat with strange blue and green/yellow eyes

Started eating vegetables except for “Ampalaya” /bitter gourd & Okra 4 years ago

Hooked up with The Walking Dead TV Series

No hate. Just love. 🙂

Much love,