I’m back!

April 29, 2011

I’m so sorry guys,  I was not able to update my website this past few days, because I’m quite BUSY with my SUMMER CLASS and other STUFFS and also at the same time 1 week holyweek break. 🙁

I made up my mind last month that I promised to delivered some NEWS in the Royal Wedding and put some LIVE STREAM here in this site so that you can be able to watch LIVE coverage in UK..but I’m FAILED because …


APRIL 29, 2011 is my MIDTERM EXAMINATION, and I have to STUDY my lessons.. 🙁

but. I still watched the Royal Wedding earlier 🙂 .. I hope you watched it! do you? hehehe 🙂

maybe next time… 🙂


LASTLY, the beatification of POPE JOHN PAUL THE II is nearly approaching!

to be continue……. 😀




-Christine C.





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