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Barangay Manokan

February 13, 2012

Since, it was a day before the Valentines day.. Oh well, today is Monday and we don’t have any classes due to the Faculty Meeting (College Only) HAHAHA , so much happy because FROM a very TIRING WEEK of UNIVERSITY DAYS, I have a time to relaxed myself..

Me and my master, planned to get  my newly sewed uniform. Unfortunately ,  only my blouses was done but my skirt was not yet finished because last Saturday our place was BLACKOUT for 20hrs STRAIGHT.  >.<

Since, we didn’t do anything. We decided to ate our super duper LATE lunch at BARANGAY MANOKAN. It was located in front of  newly constructed MALL (the SM Mall of GenSan) besides DUNKIN DONUT and SOPHISTICUT.





OYea. Sorry for the pic. Erwin didn’t took it perfectly. ahy. 😐

HEHEHE. I resized the Price List so that you can clearly see it.. 😀

Chicken Soup

After we ordered, they served us first a Chicken Soup which is very delicious one! Then, after we waited for 20mins. Our foods were served! 😀

Chicken Inato

Breaded Shrimp

And lastly, …. 🙂

The Building

The Counter

The Kitchen

To Washing Area

Hell yea! Brgy. Manokan is also offered UNLIMITED RICE. AS you can see in the PRICE LIST PICTURE above.. 🙂

It waS so fun , and I hope Valentines Day for tomorrow will be more fun!



I used Samsung Ace & Samsung Wave 3 for the photos.

Till nxt time guys! 🙂

Advance Happy Hearts day! :*


-xo, xtine

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