Summer is here!

May 2, 2013



Every summer the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University,conducted summer classes or a program generally sponsored by our school that teaches and students do lessons or even a requirement to some students to take OJTs’ and such. It usually starts at the 2nd week of April till 3rd week of May..:)

As students complying their classes or requirements which is a boring one cuz it’s summer (*for me, hoping you too) HAHAHAHA 😀 , the school wants also their students to enjoy themselves eventhough…. you know that I mean 😀

The summer festival usually dates at the end of April? (I think it’s usually April 30?) Just correct me if I’m wrong or it depends of what the schedule says. 🙂

So, I’ll be posting some of my selected photos from my Canon camera.. 😀




shore line :)

shore line 😀





yeay! ;)

yeay! 😉


the sand art, cute isn't it? :)

the sand art, cute isn’t it? 😀

cottage :)

cottage :)

the pool

the pool



posing like in a pageant daw. hahaha :)

posing like in a pageant daw. hahaha 😀

Circle of Friends of my sister and also my classmates before :)

Circle of Friends of my sister and also my classmates before 😀


got this from my sister’s class, my little brother also got his own too! 😀

And yeah that’s it, WE enjoyed a lot today! Just imagine, as we stepped on the venue, London Beach Resort at Brgy. Bawing, we hurried down the sea took some photos, had some chit-chats and swam from 6am to 2pm in the afternoon! Hah, we also ate you know just in case :) ) .Lastly, I just want to say extend my gratitude especially to my parents who’d willing to had a ride and fetched us, even though it’s working hours .. we love you guys so much! 😀


Tinayyy 😀


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