The Giant Christmas Tree in SM GenSan

HAHAHA! AFTER 50 years! I’m back! hahaha 🙂

Sorry guys if I was not able to update my site cuz of my busy scheds that I have such as school, school, school, proojects, projects duh requirements and I want to prove that I had made my right decision nuh! 🙂 that I promised to maintain oh some good grades that I have right now. 🙂

Hoping that it will continue until I graduate.. LORD PLEASE ? 🙁

soo, forget about it.


After a supppppeeeeeeeeeerb tiring half day interview with my classmates in IT. Erwin invited me to an event called the lightning of the big Christmas tree in SM GenSan. So, it was so hot lately, I accepted his invitation and bring along my little bro. 🙂

Since, the event is not yet started, we decided or I MEAN , I decided to eat my super late lunch. 🙁 we ate at newly MCDO branch which has a very simple yet comfy environment to dine.

After that, we went straight to SM Event Center where the said event was held.


Oh well, a reserved table for us! hehehehe 😛

The program was started at 4:30pm.


“Christmas isn’t Christmas without things that make us merry.”

The Stage 🙂


The Eulogy by Dominican Choir

This choir is absolutely incredible! I can’t even say a word just wow! hahahha, their voice is thrilling! I wish that I can sing too but I’m not that professional as they are you know. :))

Secondly, the speech of this stunning guy.FORGOT HIS NAME THOUGH, HAHAHA SOREEH 😀


uh by the way,  without them the event is incomplete. I mean, duh. You know what I mean :))

our LOVELY Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio and Congressman  Pedro Acharon Jr. (Correct me if I’m wrong, ok? 🙂 )

Apologizes that I don’t have their pictures.. 🙁


LASTLY, the 30ft Christmas tree is now twinkling2x! HAHAHAHAHAHA :)))))) after that, we ate ate ate and talked ENDLESSLY! 😀

The event is a huge success!!

the tree with the smexy ladies 🙂


me & the bear hahaha :))


me, my lil bro and with my mentor :))

Even though, I was not able to bring my CAMERA! AND my precious cp and ipod got lowbat.. 🙁 still, I took some pics you know. Sorry for not so quality pics that I have. 🙁 && of course thanks

It was so fun! Having a great time with them.. 😀

&&thanks to Ate Cidy for this lovely pictures..yey! 🙂


hahaha, about the grammar? yeah, I’m sleepy now so nevermind the grammar that I have now. :))





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