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May 24, 2013

Hello everyone! 🙂

Since, I haven’t something to do for now, I just want to share something about this application that I found last night. This application is called “Instagram Explorer”. If you have an OS like Windows 8, you can download it from the ‘Store’ which is FREE for everyone.

THIS is a not-purchase application ,so my screenshots were limited.. 🙁 🙂

  • View the live feed
  • View friends profiles and recent images
  • Like photos
  • Comment on photos
  • Search for other users
  • Quick access to your favorites
  • Live Tile

Here’s my screenshots below;

Instagram's Live Tile

Instagram’s Live Tile

Instagram's Home page

Instagram’s Home page


Instragram's News feed

Instragram’s News feed

LOL! Ryzza’s face is cutey2x! Her eyes was edited.. ASSUMING, what if she will undergo a surgery of her eyes. :))

Instagram's Photo View

Instagram’s Photo View

YEAH! That’s Jinri Park, she was a guest from the last last episode of The Ryzza Mae Show.. I dunno when exactly date it was. 🙁

Instagram's Profile Viewer

Instagram’s Profile Viewer

Instagram;s full version (FOR ME) :P

Instagram;s full version (FOR ME) 😛

The worse part in the FREE application is, there’s an Ads in the upper right corner and you can’t view your own profile.. 🙁 (ACCORDING TO ME) as you can see at the above photo.:D But, if you wish to or if you have money, you can purchase the said application for Php 150.00 (3.60$).

and hey, just correct me if I’m wrong. 😛

Instragram Explorer is a simple and elegant client to browse Instragram photos and profiles. It has great integration with Windows 8 features such as Search, Share, Live Tiles, Snap View, etc.


that’s all for now.. and I’ll be posting the  Adobe Photoshop Express too. 🙂



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