SecondEye Car GPS Tracker Review

December 12, 2017

If you’re looking for a GPS tracker for your Car or even for your cargo. This SecondEye Car GPS Tracker is the answer, its affordable and reliable. Kimstore currently selling the GPS Tracker on their FB page for only PHP 1,990, compare to other brand that will cost your around PHP 6,000.

This tracker works properly on the Philippines, it has a local warranty which you can service your tracker in case of problem and has no monthly fee’s for using the tracking device. what you only need is a SIM with load or a data.

There are 3 Special feature of SecondEye Car GPS Tracker:

  • You can use SecondEye to track cars, people, valuable equipment and even as personal GPS tracking device. No need to buy different models!
  • No tampering of car’s wiring, which will risk voiding the car’s warranty immediately, or in a few month’s time (better safe than sorry!)
  • Freedom to transfer the GPS tracker from one vehicle to another.

How does the SecondEye GPS Tracker work?

First, SecondEye requires a sim card (40 pesos in the Philippines) and data connection (around 200mb or so, depends on how often you use it). These are REQUIRED from all car GPS trackers.

To track it via SMS, you just have to “text” your GPS Tracker a pre-loaded template, then the GPS Tracker will “text you back” with the location.

But, if you just want to see where your car is on the map, you can also choose the free tracking methods below (still needs data connection!):

1. Track it through the app via 2G network
2. Track it through your PC/Mac on the free web tracking platform.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Locate your SecondEye in real-time from anywhere in the world using GPS. Even if thousands of kilometers away, SecondEye provides precise real-time location (plus minus 10 meters).

Free Web Platform and Mobile App Monitoring

Conveniently monitor your SecondEye’s location using the free app for iOS and Android, as well as on the PC/Mac.

History Playback

Remembers its previously tracked locations, so you can view recent trails and related information (such as date & time, speed and more) up to 6 months!

Real-Time Overspeed Alerts
Instantly receive an alert everytime your vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed limit.

Vibration Alarm
SecondEye’s vibration sensor will send an immediate notification upon the slightest movement (or customize vibration setting) and will allow you to verify its location and watch your SecondEye move in real-time on the map if it’s being stolen.

Worldwide Use
The GPS can locate the SecondEye anywhere in the world.

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