Lights Among the Dunes New Quest, creeps me out!

March 17, 2018

Hi guys!

Hooray for the weekend! How’s your week so far? I hope all is good and well since last Thursday was a PAYDAY! *coughs

Anyway, I hope you check the newest update of Assassin’s Creed Origins and I must say.. I’m done with the Main Game! Honestly, I was in tears and heartbroken! Like, I really don’t want to end the game, yung tipong sana hindi pa natapos, sana jan ka nalang Bayak or sana mahaba-haba pa ang story or sana d ko nalang tinapos and at the end ayun drawing just like my Tomb Raider, 20th Anniversary game. 🙂

Before I forgot, I haven’t tried the Discovery Tour and the two newest additional maps yet, Sinai and Valley of The Kings. It’s because I want Bayek to fully skilled-Assassin and I was wrong! As the newest update released (my observation and updated the game last Wednesday);

  • Level cap increases to level 55 from 45
  • You can now access to the Valley of The Kings map
  • New Game+ or N+
  • More Ability for Bayek! 🙂


The photo above was taken from my phone. I was sooo super excited and genuinely happy as I unexpected to open Bayek’s Abilities and boom, new abilities added. 🙂

Ok, back to the DLC game. According to Assassin’s Creed Wiki, The Curse of the Pharaohs is a downloadable content expansion package for AC: Origins, was released on March 13, 2018. It is a second out of two expansion packs for the game, alongside The Hidden Ones.

I haven’t really started this second DLC. After I finished the main game, it caught my attention the new icon (red-orangy with an exclamation inside the diamond shape. LOL). Let me share a sample screencap from


Annnd, I was like ok let’s try this out. See my playthrough of the new side quest 🙂

Lights Among the Dunes

Side Quest, Level 40

Quest Description: Doomsday prophets proclaim that the Desheret Desert is the source of a wicked presence in Egypt, and in fact many nomads have claimed to have seen eerie lights and inexplicable movements in that region.



The funny thing is, as I play it was dawn or early in the morning in our place. AND, I somehow forgot that my headset volume was like at 80%. Those eerie, creepy sounds almost made me surprised or jumped out sa aking upuan. *No kidding here as they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. All of my members of my family were sleeping except for my sister who is in her bedroom studying/ doing her proofreading job.

The nearest fast travel is in Uab Nome and I cut several of the clips kase, mahaba2x ang horseback riding all the way to the said objective. I enjoyed it a lot though some of you may find it boring. 🙂

As I playing the quest, I was not expecting that those ‘enemies’ are corpses. So, maybe if I play the 2nd DLC, your now enemies are literally corpse? Like, nabuhay sila.. well, based from Bayek and I don’t know yet but sooner as I play along.

I didn’t somehow read the ‘Escape the Tomb’ text and I thought I have to kill every Lost Army in the end and I spent more than a minute just keep on fighting them, but couldn’t. They just keep on coming and Bayek ends up died. Akala ko, that’s the end or count as desynchronized or else.. but it is not! 🙂

Sincerely apologized if my gameplay looks like hindi maganda.. or not perfect and I don’t want to play it in a perfect way either. IMO, this introduction quest for The Curse of The Pharaohs is a good way to start and gives you an overview of what is the second expansion all about.

I hope they will release another DLC~~~~~

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